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  • M80 Kratom Extract Shot, Overseas Organix

    M80 kratom extract shot


    Introducing the M80 Kratom Extract Shot, a revolutionary liquid extract crafted by Overseas Organix for discerning kratom enthusiasts.

    Key Features

    • 80% Mitragynine Content: Experience the full benefits of kratom with an incredibly high concentration of mitragynine, the primary alkaloid known for its therapeutic effects.
    • Smooth and Palatable: Unlike other kratom extracts, the M80 Kratom Extract Shot offers a pleasant flavor profile, eliminating the harsh bitterness often associated with liquid extracts.
    • Superior Absorption: Liquid kratom extracts are renowned for their efficient absorption, ensuring rapid onset of action and maximum potency with every dose.
    • Convenient Dosage: With precise dosage control, users can easily tailor their experience by adjusting the number of drops, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.
    • Premium Quality: Crafted by Overseas Organix using proprietary extraction methods and food-grade ingredients, the M80 Kratom Extract Shot exemplifies purity, potency, and transparency.
    • Versatile Usage: Add a drop or two of the M80 Kratom Extract Shot to your favorite beverage for a convenient and enjoyable way to experience the benefits of kratom.
  • M80 Liquid Kratom Extract, Overseas Organix

    M80 Liquid Kratom Extract 80% Mitragynine


    Introducing the M80 Liquid Kratom Extract by Overseas Organix. Crafted with precision and care, this innovative extract delivers unparalleled potency and purity, ensuring a premium experience with every drop.

    Key Features

    • Unmatched Potency: Boasting 80% Mitragynine, M80 offers a highly concentrated formula for potent effects.
    • Pristine Clarity: Unlike other extracts, M80 exhibits a clear, pristine appearance, indicative of its superior quality and purity.
    • Convenient Dosage: With precise dosage control, each drop of M80 delivers consistent and efficient results.
    • Superior Extraction: Overseas Organix’s proprietary extraction method prioritizes food-grade ingredients, ensuring a product of unparalleled purity and clarity.
    • Versatile Usage: Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, and stress, or simply aiming for a sense of well-being, M80 is the perfect companion for your botanical journey.