45% Mit Kratom Extract wholesale only


  • 100% organic kratom
  • No added substances or fillers
  • Tested free of any heavy metals or microorganisms
  • Top grade kratom leaf powder verified by lab tests

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Introducing our 45% MIT kratom extract. We are only doing wholesale at the moment. please contact us as well. It’s a very clean extract and is recommended for people looking to do more with kratom. It’s very strong and we recommend a tenth of a gram(0.1g) to start as well as experienced kratom enthusiast.  This comes in a Mylar Bag with your choice of quantity. We use food Grade solvents for extraction process. We have lab test on our 45% MIT Kratom extract is exercised under GMP. Check them out at our lab test page here: Overseas Organix puts Quality First! | Lab-Tested Kratom

  • 1kg
  • 5kg
  • 10kg
  • 25kg
  • 50kg
  • 100kg

Call/email/text our team here at Overseas Organix today. We can answer any questions you may have regarding our 45%  MIT kratom extract or our other products.

At Overseas Organix, we strive to provide the best kratom products to all of our clients. Unfortunately, bacteria can be carried by tainted kratom or goods that were not adequately prepared. Our staff at Overseas Organix is working hard to avoid this fate as much as possible. As a result, we ensure that all of our kratoms are properly sourced, washed, and processed. We don’t use any additives or fillers in our kratom, and we test it for heavy metals and microbes, releasing it to our consumers.

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